Tools and technologies for active and healthy ageing


It is without any doubt that the problem of ageing has become a paramount problem of the modern societies. Many hypes in addressing this problem have been associated with the use of new technologies. Thus, much emphasis has been given to continuous and unobtrusive monitoring of activities of daily living (ADLs) of senior people, as well as in empowering them with tools that would enhance their minds and bodies by means of training through games (exergames). To a large extent, this has been a central and key development aspect/requirement in the so called active and healthy ageing (AHA) agenda of many countries as well as the European Union. In most cases, these attempts have been conducted with minimal methodological soundness and care for continuous development.

The objective of this workshop is to:

  • put emphasis on game based mental and physical training and make a distinction between pure exergaming and training
  • discuss the necessary technical elements for the development of such environments
  • explain why suitable methodologies of pilot design are necessary to build up scientific evidence
  • demonstrate successful examples of such systems and attempts
  • discuss how additional monitoring with mobile sensors (mhealth) and analysis of related big data may become a future investment.

Workshop Speakers