Arabic iPad Developed Applications for Training Aphasic


Kuwait Institute for Scientific (KISR) had developed a suite of Arabic iPad applications in coordination with speech pathologists in Kuwait Medicine and Rehabilitation Hospital (KMRH). Due to the limited number of available applications available, a need arises to develop Arabic Applications to enhance the speech disorder cases. Developed applications includes: Arabic Word Bank, Arabic Naming application for Aphasia, Picture Identification, Arabic Stories and Sequences for Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) and Arabic Augmented Alternative Communication (AAC) Application.  In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to use these applications and experiment all the features and functionalities. Due to the limited number of speech specialists and high cost, such training tools are of great value. In addition, applications were developed to maximize the independency of the cases in practicing without the need of clinician’s supervision or assistance. Hence, instructions were narrated to eliminate the need for reading ability. Using application independently turns the case to become his/her own best therapist. All Developed applications are culture oriented and uses Arabic language. Arabic Word Bank supports Kuwaiti and Egyptian dialects. It worth mentioning that, KISR didn't upload these apps to App Store yet and once uploaded it will be free of charge apps.

Workshop Speakers