What’s New in WCAG 2.1


The 21st century is ruled by internet. In this age of internet as everything is online people are too! But, How about persons with disabilities? Is the internet right for them? Available to them? Accessible to them?

The Answer is Ah “fading in Yes”. To ensure digital technology like websites is fully accessible to people with disabilities, WCAG is introduced.

WCAG i.e, Web content Accessibility Guidelines was developed by web accessibility initiative (WAI) of w3c i.e, world wide web consortium. WCAG has come upto Version 2.0 & has almost become a bible in the web accessibility .

However Current i.e, WCAG 2.0 guidelines does not address all the disability types and the evolving technology landscapes .These limitations have given the need for the new version that would embrace more disability types, advancing technology landscapes and more user groups. Thus we have WCAG 2.1.

This paper mainly aims at bringing out the new success criteria the user impacts & sufficient techniques that are laid out in the current chart.

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