DEMENTIA-TECH……the safe arm of care


  • Dementia is a Public Health Priority (WHO)
  • Someone in the World Develops Dementia Every 3 Seconds
  • Number of People with Dementia estimated to reach 131 Million by Year 2050, and WHO estimates 125% increase in case of Alzheimer’s in Middle East by 2050
  • Dementia affects Individuals and Impacts Family’s with carer’s experiencing Physical Emotional and Financial stress.
  • Here in Qatar Ministry of Public Health has taken above Observations seriously and Qatar has signed up as one of the member states for World Health Organization’s Global Dementia Observatory working towards Enhancing Care for its citizens Living with Dementia and supporting their families.
  • One of the significant Concern that Comes in as the Condition develops is the Multiple Safety issues related to Person Living with Dementia. This takes varied forms Including Wandering Risk, Fire Risk, fall risk, Medication related safety Concerns, driving related risk to name a few.
  • Whilst science works on the Challenge to find a cure, with no Cure in sight yet, the least we can as Healthcare Organization and Society do is to Ensure we keep our Citizens Living with Dementia Safe all times.

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