Survival Within the Autism Spectrum


The talk addresses certain key areas and finer aspects for survival in everyday life for those living with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The presentation looks into everyday experiences related to: communication issues, learning difficulties, comprehension strategies, reaction and reflection through cause and effect reasoning, coping with anxiety related problems, how to step up school readiness, ‘Executive Function’ skills and making the right choices in life.

Research done is primarily based on personal experiences which are solely individual; tried and tested on a trial and error basis. Some of these practices have been established in the long run on best fit approaches. True incidents are cited as examples from the lives of individuals within the spectrum.

There is no single guideline or person, nor any system which I have emulated; what proved best at certain circumstances became the norm. There is a mixture of ideas gathered from different sources. Some of them have been modified and redesigned as per situational demands, say, a fluke of ingenious rendering? Pictures, resources and photographs used are acknowledged and duly credited.

Workshop Speakers