Tools, Technologies and Approaches in Training Elderly Healthcare Providers


Recent years have witnessed numerous technological innovation in the field of elderly healthcare. The underlying assumption for all these to have an impact is for them to be applicable by the appropriate practitioners and care providers, be them formal or informal. However, this forms one of the core obstacles in accelerating innovation and widening technology acceptance: there is widely admitted lack of skills in the domain practitioners coupled with a lack of awareness of technology/innovation capacities available. There is no easy way out this problem apart from giving special emphasis on how to uplift skills of formal and informal trainers/care givers. The objective of this workshop is to:
  • establish the basis of the problem.
  • explain and demonstrate the use of readily available tools and technologies that allow this uplifting of skillsets.
  • show how to build and run scenarios for case-based training of everyday skills for elderly healthcare providers.
  • discuss the methodologies to be followed upon evaluating such approaches.
  • demonstrate successful examples of such systems and attempts.
  • discuss future steps for successful maintenance of such initiatives.

Workshop Speakers