Azzah Gharib

Azzah Gharib

Special Educator


  1. Ability to deal with autistic children
  2. Excellent knowledge of all computer software
  3. Ability to work under pressure
  4. Ability to work in a team


  1. Successfully guided several autistic children to the stage of school integration
  2. Successfully formed a group for supporting and assisting autistic children’s mothers, as well as providing educational consultations
  3. Participated in autism spectrum disorder awareness-raising campaigns during World Autism Awareness Day on Al Jazeera TV


  1. Each and every autistic child receives full care, in addition to providing the families with the psychological and educational support they need,
  2. Each and every autistic child gets integrated into a regular school according to programs that serve their levels and skillsets,
  3. Autistic young people be trained on work fields that fit their capabilities