Making Educational Resources with TAWASOL Symbols to Support Students with Disabilities

Nadine N.Zeinoun, AT Specialist, Assistive Technology Center Qatar
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TAWASOL Symbols project, is an Arabic Symbol Dictionary aiming to ensure that children and adults with speech and language disorders and literacy difficulties in the State of Qatar, and in the Arabic communities, have access to the communication resources they require to hold conversations, participate and enhance their quality of life.

And because AAC (Alternative and Augmentative Communication) symbols need to be personalized and relevant to the moment and setting, a simple application was developed and added to the project website that allows people looking for symbols on TAWASOL Symbols website or from any other site to add elements to the original symbol.

In the first part of this workshop participants will be introduced to TAWASOL Symbols project and they will experiment how to develop and personalize their own symbols using the ‘Symbol Creator’ on the TAWASOL Symbols website. And in the second part, they will have access to some Arabic educational resources and will get the chance to create Arabic grids on the iPad with TAWASOL Symbols.

Learning Objectives

  • Introduce the participants to TAWASOL symbols and their cultural, linguistic and environmental impacts
  • Demonstrate how to personalize AAC symbols and make them relevant to the moment and setting using the symbol creator
  • List 4 educational resources created or adapted with TAWASOL Symbols
  • Use the iPad to create Arabic grids with TAWASOL Symbols
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